[Soirée Émergence #2] Monade / Au milieu de - Yui Sakagoshi

Chantier - Emergence
Fri 08 Apr 2022 20:00
Theâtre Sainte Marie d'en Bas
Entrée libre


Electronic dance gathering

Carole Montoya Danse Loïc Del Monte Modular Synthesizer Arnaud Sainthuile Piano

For Monade, in addition to rhythm, electricity is at the heart of the conversation between dance and music. The sensors placed on Carole Montoya’s body play the same role as the microphones on Arnaud Sainthuile’s piano. At the controls of his modular synthesizer, Loïc Del Monte defines the rules of this electronic world and makes connections within this trio from various horizons. Shared improvisation, as well as physical and musical expression, transcend genres to create a new folklore.

Au milieu de - Yui Sakagoshi

Transdisciplinary show for saxophone, dance, electronics and video mapping Loosely based on "The Box Man" by Kôbô Abé

Yui Sakagoshi Saxophone, performance, electronics, script Axel Poulsen Dance, choreography Sarah Brabo-Durand Stage direction Sami Naslin Composition, electronics Emma Ricard Scenography, projection mapping Rubén Martin Urdialès

On the stage stands a bedroom. In this room, anything may exist: nightmares, the cry of grief, the colour of despair, peace, joy and hope. Based on the singular experience of the Hikikomori, socially isolated individuals in present day Japan, Yui Sakagoshi questions what it means to live today. Texts by Kōbō Abe guide the drama of this show as it unfolds. An experimental performance through a sound-producing body that bursts with communicative energy !

Production Détours de Babel avec le soutien de la Fondation Orange et de la SACEM

The project "Au Milieu de" is created as part of the Artist Diploma - CréationS course of the CNSMD Lyon in collaboration with the Théâtre de La Renaissance and La Ferme du Vinatier