Place - Anne-Julie Rollet & Carole Rieussec

Sound performance

Sound memory of the Très-Cloîtres district

Sun 20 Mar 2022
MDH Centre-Ville Grenoble
No reservation. Sale on site the day of the event
Price of your choice (3€/6€/12€/20€)
As part of the Musical Brunch #1 Alma-Très-Cloîtres
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Entrée libre
Dans le cadre du Brunch musical #1 Alma-Très-Cloîtres
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Place is a live sound performance that borrows from documentary practice. After collecting sounds from the Très-Cloîtres district, Carole Rieussec and Anne-Julie Rollet give a voice to Place Edmond Arnaud through the people that use the square. Their words resonate with the silence that underpins the composition, echoing the emptiness that defines it. Alternately or together, the two women play with sound distribution methods that reveal details and open up wide soundscapes.


Anne-Julie Rollet Compostion and interpretation
Carole Rieussec Composition and interpretation
Christophe Cardoen Light and performative action
Anne-Laure Pigache Outside view


Commissioned and produced by CIMN - Détours de Babel