At the organic boundaries of jazz

Sun 20 Mar 2022
Le Ciel
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As part of the Musical Brunch #1 Alma-Très-Cloîtres
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Dans le cadre du Brunch musical #1 Alma-Très-Cloîtres
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Horde(s) aims to create a protean music, where improvisation and composition are mingled to create pieces that lie at the boundaries of jazz and contemporary music. Reflecting this search for an organic feeling, the musical idea for each of the pieces (‘Loups’, ‘Oies sauvages’, ‘Moutons’...) is based on a mode of organisation from the animal or natural world. The result is music of a shifting nature, which explores the many possibilities of the ensemble, while leaving large spaces for improvisation that are framed and highlighted by the composition.

Félix Lacquement Electric guitar, synthesizer, compositions
Loup Godfroy Battery
Lucien Lacquement Clarinets, soprano saxophone
Rose Dehors Trombone
Emilan Ducret Drums
Hector Léna-Schroll Trumpets
Clément Merienne Piano, synthesizer, harmonium
Nicolas Zentz Double bass, electric bass
Sami Foukani Double bass
Yonatan Hes Saxophones
Mylene Grau Son


Production Détours de Babel with the support of the Orange Foundation and SACEM