Gayam 16

Traditional music

The new traditions of Javanese gamelan

Sun 20 Mar 2022 17:30
Auditorium Olivier Messiaen
No reservation. Sale on site the day of the event
Price of your choice (3€/6€/12€/20€)
As part of the Musical Brunch #1 Alma-Très-Cloîtres
Schedules to come

Gayam 16 is a collective that works to keep the tradition of gamelan playing alive in Java, support artists who want to develop the practice, and promote this instrumental ensemble overseas, while producing contemporary creations. The collective was born from an idea by the musician Sapto Raharjo, who wanted to collaborate with gamelan players from around the world, in order to hold an annual gathering and create a new musical experience with this ensemble that is an iconic part of the island’s culture.

Avyana Destyasti Lintang, Sudaryanto, Azis Rifkyanto, Bevy Hanteriska, Bagus Ariyanto Seputro Nasution


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