Äkä - Free Voices of Forest - Leïla Martial

Improvised / traditional music
Wed 23 Mar 2022 20:30
Terminé sold-out
Agenda Aka Agenda Aka Agenda Aka Agenda Aka Agenda Aka Agenda Aka Agenda Aka

This is a unique meeting between the group Ndima, virtuosos of the Aka Pygmy vocal repertoire, and highly imaginative artists, well versed in improvisation, united around the incredible vocalist Leïla Martial and master body percussionist Rémi Leclerc. What do we really know about these mysterious and complex polyphonies, inherited from an ancestral culture, which many ethnomusicologists have given up trying to decipher? Here, the voice is at the centre of the exploration and becomes an instrument with boundless possibilities. We can look forward to a joyful mixture of sounds, vibrations and vocal expression. Like a miracle, the improbable meeting of these two worlds seems like the advent of a community of sounds, or a “people of sounds”.

Angelique Manongo, Emilie Koule, Nadège Ndzabole Voice
Gaston Motambo, Michel Kossi Voice, percussion
Leïla Martial Voice, composition
Rémi Leclerc Voice, body-percussion, keyboard, composition
Eric Perez Voice, percussion, compositions
Eta Sorel Accompanist / artistic direction


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